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Opal Beads, In The Pink!

Opal Beads

Two options for beading creations "in the pink" are found at, where you can find gem stone beads, in pendants, rondelles, coins, cushions, and more, and all the most delicate, gentle hues. Watermelon tourmaline beads come as smooth rondelles or as sweet 5 mm hearts. And as is common with this gem, the strand is a full spectrum of slightly waxy scintillation, with greens, blues, and ambers accompanying the cheerful pink tones. Pink opal beads are available in the same soft pale rose that leans to the yellow end of the red spectrum, with solid or specked beauties in ovals, pendants, triangles and those satisfying larger disc beads, all of 18 millimeters!

Earrings With Watermelon Tourmaline Beads?

Imagine a cluster of pinks and wines, perhaps some fiery rose, all caught up in a glossy silver foliage. Almost evokes thoughts of a rose garden in June, but this is a conglomeration of beads and wire, sculpted into the loveliest of earrings. Pink opal beads with their shy, dainty glow, lift the light, reflect off bolder watermelon tourmaline beads and faceted garnets. And to substantiate the beaded sculpture are the larger sunset chalcedony pendants, all firy with attitude. Such combinations, created lovingly and passionately by beading enthusiasts around the globe, testify to the draw of this pastime. What could be nicer that spending a few hours quietly engaged in balancing elements of mineral and metallic tone and depth, refraction, finish, form and aesthetic pleasure? And then to be able to offer your creation as a wonderful gift or keep it as a personal source of adornment and self-affirmation? That's what we're all about here at; it's why we're in this business and the reason we go the extra mile to find the best beading specimens for our customers who are looking for wholesale gemstone beads. Your "raison de perler" is our "raison d'etre!"

I don't know how you do it, but no other supplier I have found on line can even approach the quality you offer for the price you offer.
Alison Meyer
Once Around Designs

The gems that you sell are top quality, and the variety just takes my breath away. I recently have literally spent hours touring your site and have purchase absolutely exquisite gems that I cannot find anywhere else, at very affordable prices.
Jan Carter
Silverlining Design