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Sunny Citrine Beads, Sky Blue Apatite

How do you make the day a little sunnier, the sky above a little bluer? We think we have the answer. For example, over a dozen choice bead varieties seemingly sliced right from the ripest lemon or orange make up our selection of citrine beads or ruby beads. Nuggets, free form nuggets, rondelles, briolettes, calibrated briolettes, nugget pendants, and faceted wheels sparkle and shimmer in the sunniest way. And what's needed as the perfect setting for these pale golden pieces? How about the sky blue to sea green transparently charming apatite beads? These come as coins, rondelles, cross drilled ovals, free form drops, briolettes, and nuggets. Each bead is precision cut with care too.

Flashy Kyanite Beads

Kyanite Beads

If you'd prefer, another source of beauteous blues are the ever demure kyanite beads. These come as silver or blue kyanite and we have them in the nicest cuts around. You'll find the loose dimes and tubes, carved leaf pendants, and the smooth rondelles. Looking for a more sapphire kind of blue? Try the Brazilian Flashy blues. These are so blue you might not want to miss the chance to string them with complementary orange-ish citrine beads for the most pop. The kyanite is here for you in oval, puffy square, flat oval, rondelle, or cushion form, and are polished to a cheerful gleam.

Kyanite, Apatite: Beads For The Blues

Find your way around with the blues. Take a trip with the calmest of colors around the wrist, the ankle, the neck, even as a belt, ponytail holder, or dangling playfully from the results of your latest knitting frenzy. Kyanite beads are good for the blues. They come flecked in an enchantingly mellow stone, or bold and vigorous as the Brazilian Flashy version. And don't forget apatite beads. With colors that echo sea and sky, these pretty babies will pick up your spirits in no time.

I don't know how you do it, but no other supplier I have found on line can even approach the quality you offer for the price you offer.
Alison Meyer
Once Around Designs

The gems that you sell are top quality, and the variety just takes my breath away. I recently have literally spent hours touring your site and have purchase absolutely exquisite gems that I cannot find anywhere else, at very affordable prices.
Jan Carter
Silverlining Design