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A trend that comes and goes, but which carries with it a number of enthusiasts is the use of power bracelets. These are modern versions of strings of similar beads that have been used to either represent or actually inspire strength or support. In its most current evolution, the power bracelet is a string of gem stone beads such as amethyst beads, all the same, on an elastic cord and fitted with a three-hole bead that allows the cord to be knotted after coming through the holes. There are those who encourage wearing these bracelets on one or the other side of the body, depending on what you wish to strengthen; so, for example, a string of rainbow moonstone beads worn on the right wrist or ankle will empower the body and mind, while a bracelet or anklet worn on the left side will affect spiritual or psychic energies.

Calming Rainbow Moonstone Beads

The moonstone is said to help bring about calm an to enhance natural feminine energy, including intuition, psychic abilities and sensitivity. Some consider it protective during pregnancy or for those who are at sea. It is purported to enhance pituitary health and digestive integrity. If you find solace in these beliefs, a power bracelet of rainbow moonstone beads can be both beautiful and reinforcing. A solid line of these wholesale gem stone beads, strung one by one, worn about the wrist through the trials and adventures of the day, may in fact bring a certain benefit to the wearer. Who knows? And whether you believe these ideas or not, the spectral sparkle of these stones are sure to please.

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