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Labradorite and Jasper Beads

From the term for "spotted stone" in Anglo-French, or "jaspre," jasper is an opaque mineral colored by variations caused by either mineral impurities, the process under which it was formed, or from volcanic or sedimentary flow patterns occurring during formation, and jasper beads and opal beads vary accordingly. Another mineral with many variations is labradorite. This stone is cut and shaped to emphasize the way light plays upon the color shiller, or metallic shimmer. In fact, amazing coloration, called labradorescence, can be nudged from these otherwise dull minerals. Labradorite beads come in a nice range of cuts and sizes, from the faceted 6x8mm briolettes to "Blue Flash" faceted 8mm coins.

Chalcedony Beads, Jasper Flecks

A form of silica, chalcedony is usually grayish or white, but other hues appear in this mineral group, each with their own name. For example, chalcedony beads could be fashioned from prase, a flat viridian color, or heliotrope, which is nearly emerald green, though it sports flecks of red jasper. Beads made with chalcedony boast a waxy gloss and are available in

  • Peruvian blue
  • Aqua
  • Natural amber
  • Red
  • Natural blue
  • AAA pink or green
  • AAA pink purple

Labradorite Beads and More

If you're a beading enthusiast, your options when considering just the three mineral groupings of labradorite, jasper, and chalcedony beads are broad enough to keep you creatively happy for a long time. In addition to the beautiful labradorite beads already mentioned, jasper bead options from are available in over fifty colors, shapes, and sizes. From the elegant 10x14 mm Kambaba to flat rectangles of Ocean, the options are nearly unlimited, especially when you consider combining these with other wholesale gemstones beads, pearls, silver bead forms, turquoise, coral and agates.

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