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Bracelets of Amethyst, Moss Agate Beads,

Bracelets are fun to make because they can be simply designed and easily executed. For example, you could take advantage of the earthy tones of amber, bamboo jasper, jade, labradorite, wood, and moss agate beads, and some choice sterling silver components, and fashion a bracelet that echoes the pleasant tones and sensations of walking through the woods. Or you could combine rose quartz, iolite, aquamarine beads, peridot, amethyst, turquoise, and ruby beads in a simple line, placing perhaps a rainbow moonstone in the center for focus, and then sprinkle in some silver beads for spacing. The possibilities are endless. In fact, it's what beading is about for lots of bead lovers: plain, simple possibility. You dream it up, you make it, and your wear it or give it to a lucky friend.

Agates and Ruby Beads

In addition to a slew of gemstones like apatite, onyx, citrine, and lapis, carries an excellent selection of the finest agates, including tri-color, Botswana, flower, pink ocean, moss agate beads, and wholesale gemstones beads . Their microcrystalline versions of quartz usually have a fine grain and a noticeably vivid color. Found in both metamorphic and volcanic rocks, agates have been procured for at least 3,000 years. Also valued for ages are rubies. It's no wonder, with their beautiful color and truly impressive ability to capture light. They are second in hardness only to diamonds, and their bluish red tone is uniquely lovely, whether they've been cut with facets or left in a more natural state. And the natural ruby graduated smooth nuggets, cut in Hong Kong, are particularly fine.

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