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Kyanite Beads

We offer the finest Kyanite Beads from Brazil and African in the most interesting cuts.  We have kyanite beads in Briolettes, Rondelles, Cushions, Oval, Marquise, drops etc.
Kyanite is believed to encourage loyalty, honesty, tranquility, while fighting anger and confusion. It is considered to be powerful energetically and metaphysically--for protective use during channeling, altered states, vivid dreams and visualizations. Kyanite is a powerful gemstone that helps to align all Chakras. One of the greatest qualities of Kyanite is that it does not absorb negative energies during any healing processes.
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I don't know how you do it, but no other supplier I have found on line can even approach the quality you offer for the price you offer.

Alison Meyer
Once Around Designs

The gems that you sell are top quality, and the variety just takes my breath away. I recently have literally spent hours touring your site and have purchase absolutely exquisite gems that I cannot find anywhere else, at very affordable prices.

Jan Carter
Silverlining Design

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