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Lapis Beads

Lapis is often associated with the month of November.   It is the traditional birthstone for November.  This strong blue-colored stone is known to strengthen awareness and creativity.

Lapis has timeless associations with the kings and queens of all realms.  In ancient Sumer, the stone was very closely associated with the deities in general, and in carrying it, it's possessor bore the potent magical power of a deity, for the stone contained the force behind all divinity.  Some said the stone contained the soul the deity, who would 'rejoice it its owner". 

The energy of this stone is very high quality, and it does not lower its power to your level; rather you must raise it match it's.  You muse raise your mental, emotional and spiritual energies to connect with the Lapis Lazuli.  It teaches you to set aside your personality and all it's quirks, so that you can clearly see what is actually occurring within another person or a given situation.  It will also help in wiping out any part of the past, in this life or others that you are still carrying but need to let go of.


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I don't know how you do it, but no other supplier I have found on line can even approach the quality you offer for the price you offer.

Alison Meyer
Once Around Designs

The gems that you sell are top quality, and the variety just takes my breath away. I recently have literally spent hours touring your site and have purchase absolutely exquisite gems that I cannot find anywhere else, at very affordable prices.

Jan Carter
Silverlining Design

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